UnisonEDU Framework

Part I

Part I of UnisonEDU's mission is to assist districts with face-to-face (FTF) or virtual training, event planning, and/or resources. Training could consist of half-day or full-day FTF or virtual workshops as well as synchronous or asynchronous virtual 1-hour sessions. These could be for entire schools or districts or based more on the train-the-trainer model. They could be based on specific tech tools, tech tool suites, or themes/initiatives such as launching G Suite for Education or a 1:1 device initiative.

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Event planning encompasses FTF or virtual training and meetings directly connected to planning, hosting, and fully utilizing an in-house event such as an Edcamp, conference, or certification cohort (i.e. Google Certified Educator). UnisonEDU members can help guide as much as needed or can co-lead the event in person. We can work with your team or assemble our team to fully facilitate all sessions. Whatever level the need, we are here to help and work with schools each step of the way.

Resource curation will be facilitated virtually through a Google Form request that will prompt a member of the team to reach out. Through making contact the UnisonEDU team member will seek to customize resource curation and/or creation to the specific needs of the school or division. We recognize that there are many resources in existence to get the how-to aspects of tools, however, customizing the resource for your specific circumstances can require time and expertise.

Through business partnerships, schools of the highest need will have no cost associated with these services. If able, some schools may be asked to cover travel expenses for face-to-face training or meetings and a small stipend to presenters. It is our firm belief that no school division, regardless of its location or financial means should see lesser resources, professional development, or support. 

Part II

Part II of UnisonEDU's mission is to provide a two-fold showcase that not only tells of the WHY of the school or division but also gives a glimpse of its perseverance. First, members of the UnisonEDU team will talk with key stakeholders of a school or division to learn about the WHY behind the school (Please view the video below to understand Simon Sinek's concept of the Golden Circle).   

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This will not simply be a cursory look at the mission and vision, but instead, a deep look at WHY the entity serves the way it does. Why is it an amazing place to learn? Why do teachers and administrators spend their entire career there? Why is the community really a learning community? Finally, how does this WHY drive the WHAT and HOW the school/division serves its leaner.

Second, UnisonEDU members will look to talk with those closest to recent initiatives within the school system. What has been successful? What hasn't been so successful? What growth and iteration occurred over the lifetime of the initiative to ultimately make it a success or not? Finally. what guidance and resources would you offer other school districts that may be delving into similar areas? This insight will be added to our Best Practices Database alongside contact information to further help other schools and districts.