What are you (bottom line) trying to do?

  • UnisonEDU offers a twofold support framework to schools and districts. Our mission is to Provide world-class support to all educators in need and our vision is to positively transform educational and digital equity through providing a team of support & professional learning across grade levels, content areas, leadership, and technology expertise.

Why do you have a special name for it for this project? It's not very descriptive and sounds like a company.

  • UnisonEDU is always meant to be seen alongside its descriptor of Moving. Forward. Together. Many schools are not moving forward at the same rate. Moving "in Unison" would shift this to collaboratively moving forward together. The goal is something simple to remember, but powerful in its meaning.

Who are you? What is your motivation?

  • Our team is made up of teachers, technology specialists, technology directors, and more with experience ranging from 8 to 39 years. We take great pride and satisfaction in helping others achieve at their highest levels through pairing great pedagogy and guidance with innovative technology to yield #EndlessPromise for students, teachers, colleagues, friends, family, and businesses. Every one of these members believes completely in our why:

    • UnisonEDU firmly holds true to assisting all schools and districts to the utmost extent possible through supporting their vision while seeking that we are all collaboratively moving forward together.

What benefit would this project have for me and my division?

  • We believe that all divisions can be aided by collaboration and the positives it can bring, even if it's just a different perspective. First and foremost, we seek to aid schools that don't have the needed resources to offer professional development they seek themselves. Secondarily, we seek to collaborate with any school to offer amazing professional development options.

  • Another benefit, beyond professional development, is the second part of our founding framework in which we seek to create a showcase for each school or division we work with. This showcase seeks to inform those around the country on the amazing place that school/division is and why educators seek to spend career there.

Is this just for Virginia or is it for everyone in the country?

  • UnisonEDU seeks to begin in Virginia where the majority of the founding team members reside, however, the moonshot goal would have it become a nationwide non-profit.

Not many are listed as being part of this project yet. Why should I be part of it?

  • Every great thing has humble beginnings. We truly believe that being part of the first schools and districts that utilize UnisonEDU will be a powerful experience for both the schools/district and our team. Working with UnisonEDU is a win/win. Not only will we come through with professional development of the highest level but we will also create a showcase of your school/division that will be free to use in any way that can help you!

If I say I'm interested, what are you going to expect of me?

  • Three things will be expected of all schools and districts that work with UnisonEDU

    1. Collaboration on creating professional development for the entities teachers, leaders, etc.

    2. Participation in aiding the creation of a school/district showcase in the form of a video or blog post.

    3. A contribution to our Growth & Learning Center. This could be an added artifact for a resource group already posted or a completely new entry for other schools to learn from.

  • For schools in need, all services will be offered free of charge. For schools that are able, we offer our services at reasonable rates with the option to donate additional funds to help schools in need.

Where is funding coming from?

  • At this beginning stage of our project, team members are volunteers. As the project grows we will seek donations and fundraise with local and national businesses seeking to support education. These future donors will be noted on our website both to give them credit, but also to inform all schools we work with.

People are always trying to get us to share but we don't have time unless the pay-off is really good. What are our incentives?

  • We see two amazing payoffs for every school or district we work with; 1) professional development of the highest level and 2) a school/district showcase (video or blog) that can be used for promotions, recruitment, and more!

  • We also believe that contributing to our Growth and Learning Center (best practices resource bank) will give schools/districts a great sense of satisfaction knowing that helps move education on the whole forward.