Abby French

Abigail W. French


Teacher, Instructional Coach, Speaker

11 years experience


UnisonEDU Board Member

Team Member Bio:

Abigail French is a veteran educator, mastermind leader, and accomplished presenter. As someone that has made significant contributions to education, including those currently as an instructional coach and course designer, Abby daily provides guidance, encouragement, and reflections to the teachers she leads. Through her work with EdLeader21, Abby led teachers in reflection about student self-assessments and student-centered learning experiences. Integrated within this work is the inclusion of 21st Century skills to help pave the way to student success in post-secondary outcomes. Abby has represented Shenandoah County Public Schools with the Virginia School Consortium for Learning and has wholeheartedly supported that work in the role of lead teacher with the Virginia School-University Partnership. As an educator and parent of four, she understands that education and teaching doesn’t just take place in a classroom. Learning happens all around us and everyday.

Areas of Experience:

  • Middle School
    • 5th grade, 2 years; 6th grade ELA, 7 years; 8th grade Civics, 2 years

Additional Experience:

  • Curriculum Writing of Performance Assessment, Student-Centered Learning, 21st Century Learning Skills, Project Based Learning, Mastermind Group Facilitation

Teaching or Administrative Certifications:

  • Elementary & Social Studies/History

Additional Certifications & Accomplishments:

  • Selected as a New Teacher Mastermind facilitator/coach with Teacher Off Duty
  • Selected as a lead teacher to represent SCPS to write Performance Assessment with VaSCL

Speaking Experience:

  • Presenter at
    • VASCD Annual Conference 19; Brainstorm 19, 20; Learnerpalooza, 19; EdLeader21 NIC Convening 18,19
  • Featured guest on several blogs, podcasts