Debbie Tannenbaum

Debbie Tannenbaum

School Based Technology Specialist

21 years experience

Team Member Bio:

Debbie Tannenbaum is an Elementary School Technology Specialist in Fairfax County, VA. An educator with over twenty years of experience, Debbie supports both staff and students to integrate technology tools into instruction through both co teaching sessions and weekly technology classes. In all of her work, Debbie promotes uses of technology that amplify and enhance learning experiences. Outside of work, Debbie blogs regularly and shares her thoughts and reflections on her website: Techy Notes ( her on Twitter and Instagram at @TannenbaumTech.

Areas of Experience:

  • 3 years as School Based Technology Specialist, 3 years ES Technology Teacher, 1 year middle school-Reading and Technology, 8 years 4th Grade , 6 years 5th Grade

Additional Experience:

  • Project Zero Fellow

Teaching or Administrative Certifications:

  • Elementary, MS Technology for Educators


  • Google Certified Educator I, Google Certified Educator II, Common Sense Educator, Flipgrid Certified Educator, Edpuzzle Coach, Pear Deck Regional Coach

Additional Certifications & Accomplishments:

  • Teach Better Ambassador



Speaking Experience: