Dr. Chuck Bishop

Dr. Chuck Bishop


Division Superintendent

29 years experience


UnisonEDU Board Treasurer


Team Member Bio:

Dr. Chuck Bishop is completing his 6th year serving as the superintendent of Clarke County Public Schools and his 15th year as a school superintendent in Virginia.

During his 29 year career in public education, Dr. Bishop has served as a teacher, athletic director, assistant principal, principal and assistant superintendent.

In addition to his role as a public school educator, Dr. Bishop has served as an adjunct professor at Radford University and for seven years served in the same capacity at James Madison University teaching in the area of public school finance, and school and community relations.

Dr. Bishop earned an undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s and doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Virginia. In 2004, he received the William H. Sewell Award from the University of Virginia as the outstanding student in the educational leadership program.

Areas of Experience:

  • Superintendent 15 years, Assistant Superintendent 4 years, High School Principal 3 years, High School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director 2 years, High School Teacher 2 years, Middle School Teacher 3 years, Adjunct Professor 9 years

Teaching or Administrative Certifications:

  • Science, Health/Physical Education, K-12 Administration, Superintendent