Lori P. Wimbush

Lori P. Wimbush


K-12 Administrator


24 Years Experience

Team Member Bio:

Lori Wimbush is a K -12 educator in Virginia. Her professional experience includes being a high school social studies teacher, middle school assistant principal, middle and high school principal , and director of equity and engagement.

Areas of Experience:

  • Middle School/Administration

      • 2 years middle school assistant principal

      • 10 years middle school principal

  • High School/Administration

      • 6 years high School Social studies teacher

      • 5 years high school principal

  • Administration

      • 1 year director of equity and engagement.

Teaching or Administrative Certifications:

  • Social Studies/History

  • K-12 Administration

  • Superintendent

Speaking Experience:

  • Western Virginia Public Education Consortium

  • Virginia Middle School Association Conference

  • Interactive Achievement