Matthew Woods

Matthew Woods

K-12 Administrator


10 Years Experience

Team Member Bio:

Matthew Woods is a K-12 educator in Virginia. His professional experience includes being a high school social studies teacher, middle and high school assistant principal, middle school principal, director of student support services, adjunct professor, and field instructor at the collegiate level for student-teachers

. Additionally, Matthew hosts a K-12 podcast, Leading Out The Woods, and is the author of the children’s book series, I Wanna Be… , which will be re-released for a second edition by Code Breaker Inc. later this year. You can connect with Matthew on Twitter @woodfromawoods or visit his website

Areas of Experience:

  • Middle School, High School, Higher Ed, Administration, Consultant

  • K-12

    • 3 years as high school history teacher

    • 4 years as middle and high school assistant principal

    • 1 year as middle school principal

    • 2 years as director of student support services

  • Higher Education

    • 3 years as adjunct professor

Additional Experience:

  • Teacher & Administrator Coaching, Curriculum Development, Assessment Building, and Operational & Management Support

Teaching or Administrative Certifications:

  • Social Studies/History

  • K-12 Administration

  • Superintendent

Additional Certifications & Accomplishments:

  • ASCD Emerging Leaders (Class of 2021)

  • LG Happiness League Award


Speaking Experience:

  • Presenter @ 2021 National Engagement Summit (Oct 2021)

  • Presenter at W.E. Cundiff Elementary School (Sep 2021)

  • In-Service PD at ALMS (Aug 2021)

  • 2021 Code Breaker Summer Camp (Aug 2021)

  • Keynote Speaker: Roanoke County Public Schools Administrative Retreat (Jun 2021)

  • 2021 Equity & Engagement Academy (Conference) (Apr 2021)