About UnisonEDU

No school division, regardless of its location or financial means, should see lesser resources, professional development, or support. Limited resources affect not only students, teachers, administrators, and staff, but, also, the members of the community that surround and support the school. Knowledge and learning affect everything. They can be the difference between simply being good at the game of school and excelling at life. UnisonEDU offers a twofold support framework to schools and districts.


Provide world-class support to all educators in need.


UnisonEDU will strive to positively transform educational and digital equity through providing a team of support across grade levels, content areas, leadership, and technology expertise.


UnisonEDU holds true to assisting all schools and districts to the utmost extent possible through supporting their vision while seeking that we are all collaboratively moving forward together with high-quality professional learning.

We take great pride and satisfaction in helping others achieve at their highest levels through pairing great pedagogy or guidance with innovative technology to yield #EndlessPromise for students, educators, & administrators.